Levitate offers a variety of consultation and implementation services.

Work with Levitate to discuss your project, review relevant potential technologies and make recommendations. We can help you identify the right technologies for your needs and help you achieve facility and mastery of them.

System Architecture
The heart of any stable, solid performant solution is a scalable, extensible architecture able to be implemented quickly, maintained easily and adapted gracefully. Levitate’s expertise in leveraging open architectures and loosely-coupled components to create solutions that achieve the optimal blend of
power, grace and flexibility is unmatched.

Design Review
Have you started down the path and want to check your position on the map? We can review you project and your plan with an eye both towards immediate integration and future developments. You cannot succeed by designing technology only for today’s needs – and Levitate helps you meet those needs with an eye on tomorrow as well.

Prototype, Development and Proof of Concept
Need more details before you make the leap? We can quickly and rapidly prototype solutions, conduct proof of concept exercises or validate strategies
for your business. If you want some reassurance before you dive headlong into
a new project, Levitate is there to assist.